A cooperative game for the family

Survive the Woods

Theme Overview

(read in funny rabbit’s voice – Jon Lovitz for reference)

            “Too long we have been the victims of out Beast oppressors. We have sacrificed everything for their full belies. No longer shall we suffer the indignity of the culling. It is time to put our differences aside and build this great kingdom of the Civilized. It is time to stand and fight together!”

            The inhabitants of the Woodlands have long been divided into clans of rabbits, turtles, ducks, and other critters. Unite the clans into a new kingdom of the Civilized and bring forth a bright future. Organize and lead you people through the seasons and survive 10 winters in the small but huge land of the woods. Recruit critters and conquer territories to expand your forest kingdom and prepare for the approaching dangers.

            How will you build your kingdom, will you oppress or uplift the Commonfolk, will you integrate the Freefolk into your society, will you fight the Beasts or give in to their demands?

Game Features and Mechanics



For 1 (solo mode) to 6 players, ages 4 and up.


Time to Play

Game lasts 40 to 60 minutes.

Players take their turns doing actions, but player idle time is almost not existing, as all player’s actions can be played in parallel. Exception is the build action that might affect other players gameplay, so it must be played in turn.


Inspiration and Mechanics

Inspired by Race for the Galaxy.

Cooperative, tablau-building and engine-building game.

Features cooperative and competitive mode.


Cooperative Mode

In cooperative mode players will try to solve the hazards and impending threats together.

You can use the game to practice counting and teach young children to plan 1 to 3 moves ahead.

Best for family plays.


Competitive Mode

In competitive mode, players might steal from each other food, conquer territories or take critters. Also, this mode puts emphasis on the engine building elements of the game, the player choices carry more weight, so a bad choice is more punishing to the player.



Who will win the game

Likely winner will be the player that plans ahead the best and builds the best tablau to handle the impending threats.

There are no dice and there is minimal luck involved in the game.

Our Progress ...


Alpha-version Available

An idea is born, we have created a alpha-version of the game, we had more than 20 playthroughs, we like it and see potential in the game.


Team assembled

Artists, graphic designers, developers are on board and ready to go.


Beta-version Completed

Our team has created a version of the game that is close to the final product. We had more than 100 playthroughs. The game is ready to be shipped to professional reviewers. Marketing and funding are next.  



With the help of Kickstarter community we have managed to fund the game. Last tweaks before manufacturing are complete.


Manufactured and Shipped

The game is manufactured and shipped worldwide to our customers.

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