A game for young children

Little Planet

Theme Overview

            Climb your little space ship and visit many little planets. Meet many princes and princesses and help them with their little troubles. Fight off the evil robot invaders, help Anna cleanup her little continent,  bring Victor an umbrella for his non-stop raining planet and much more.

            The game is meant for parents and their young children. Each of you takes a space ship and together you explore the little galaxy, activating the imagination of your children, helping them narrate their own story and also teaching them a little bit about responsibility and helping others.

Game Features and Mechanics



For 1 (solo mode) to 4 players, ages 3 and up.

Recommended to be played by toddlers with their parents.


Time to Play


No wait time, players play together.


Inspiration and Mechanics

Inspired by the Little Prince children’s book. The game features role-playing and storytelling elements.


Game Features

Soon to be revealed …



To activate the imagination of toddlers, to help them narrate, to teach them to help others and be good kids.

“Hopefully after helping Anna clean up her entire continent, your toddler will not put up much fight when you tell him to tidy his toys.”


Who will win the game

The kids will always win.

Our Progress ...

number-01-half done

Alpha-version Available

An idea is born, we have created a alpha-version of the game, we had more than 20 playthroughs, we like it and see potential in the game.


Team assembled

Artists, graphic designers, developers are on board and ready to go.


Beta-version Completed

Our team has created a version of the game that is close to the final product. We had more than 100 playthroughs. The game is ready to be shipped to professional reviewers. Marketing and funding are next.  



With the help of Kickstarter community we have managed to fund the game. Last tweaks before manufacturing are complete.


Manufactured and Shipped

The game is manufactured and shipped worldwide to our customers.

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