This is how space battles will be fought


Theme Overview

            Inspired by Total War video games, comes this game of strategic planning and wits. Construct a huge armada of space ships, customize their tactical capabilities and go into a full blown space battle against an opposing player.

Game Features and Mechanics



For 2 players, ages 8 and up.


Time to Play

Game lasts around 30 to 60 minutes.

Virtually no player idle time.



Inspired by Total War video games, players first build up their armies and then fight. But unlike the Total War series, the games combat is turn based in order to be more deterministic – resembling more a chess game than a real time battle.

Additionally the common rock-paper-scissors / spearmen-archers-cavalry combat model is abandoned in favor a multi-layered combat system where space ships can be used in combat in various ways.



A war game that consists of two phases: construct and battle.

In the construct phase players spend points to build their armada – customizing the types of space ships and their incorporating modules – such as shields, armor, different types of weapons and other special modules.

In the battle phase players pin their armadas against each other, trying to tactically trick and overwhelms the opponent. The player that destroys the opponent’s flag ship wins.

Game Features

Soon to be revealed …


Variance in Gameplay and Asymmetric Factions

Soon to be revealed …


Who will win the game

Winner will be the best war strategist.

Combat is fully deterministic with exception of the dog fighting between smaller ships, which is determined by dice.

Our Progress ...


Alpha-version Available

An idea is born, we have created a alpha-version of the game, we had more than 20 playthroughs, we like it and see potential in the game.


Team assembled

Artists, graphic designers, developers are on board and ready to go.


Beta-version Completed

Our team has created a version of the game that is close to the final product. We had more than 100 playthroughs. The game is ready to be shipped to professional reviewers. Marketing and funding are next.  



With the help of Kickstarter community we have managed to fund the game. Last tweaks before manufacturing are complete.


Manufactured and Shipped

The game is manufactured and shipped worldwide to our customers.

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