Rulebook and Tabletopia Update - Ark: Awakening​

Hope you are all doing well. We are thrilled for sharing the following updates with you.

First of all, we have updated the RULEBOOK. This is the version which will be used for the final round of playtesting. The example-images within the rulebook will change pending the final room design (finalized shortly), but the text is 98.5% fixed.

At the end of the rulebook we have added an explanation of each room, which resulted in increasing the total number of pages by two (to a total of 26), but I’m sure the thematic flavor is worth it. Check it out! For the ones interested in solo and co-op, in addition to the main rulebook there is an appendix that covers the different game modes – Fallout, Glitch and the Guardians. The rulebook and appendix are open for comments, so feel free to add questions and suggestions and we can maybe squeeze in there another example.

We have locked down each room theme and the story texts on each mission card, including all the new rooms and missions part of the stretch goals. Next, we are contacting translators. The translation of the rulebook in other languages (Spanish, German, Italian and French) can be postponed as it will be only available in a digital version, but the mission cards are part of the language pack, so they must be translated before starting the game’s production.

The game is updated on Tabletopia! We have added the balanced rooms, all artifact cards, achievement tiles, components and setup for a 1-3 player game, fallout track, Enemy-Action cards and other components needed to play the game in the alternative game modes. Hope you’ll find them interesting.

Till the next time, take care.



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