The Glitch Co-Op Mode in Ark: Awakening

From the beginning we wanted each solo/co-op mode to have a different feel and vibe to it. By playing The Glitch there is this sense of urgency and imminent danger. In the other co-op modes a thoughtful plan is rewarded. In playing The Glitch, you need to take action NOW!

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To those that have not followed the Kickstarter campaign, Glitch mode can be played solo or co-op against an automated opponent.

Players need to finish 3 rounds of play. Each round lasts 5 turns. Here how a round goes:

  • Before each round starts – an event happens – The Glitch where multiple parts of the Ark are damaged.
  • 3 Room-Activated cards are selected, but only the first one is revealed. To see the next room to be fixed, players need to send an engineer into the first room to diagnose the issue and locate the cause. Once the second room is revealed, players need to send an engineer in it to reveal the third room.
  • If players manage to fix all 3 rooms before the 5 turns pass, they go to the next round. If not, players lose.

What we love about The Glitch mode?

  • Perfect for a light and short game. The Glitch is shorter than the other modes. It is more easy to play, involves less planning and more luck.
  • Great for teaching the game to others. In you playing group if half the members do not know the game, we recommend this mode to teach it to them and also get a bit of challenge for yourself. However, if most of your group members do not know the game, we recommend playing “First Mission” instead.
  • Easy to adjust difficulty … you just add more events that happen at the beginning of each round for an increased challenge.