Fallout Mode in Ark: Awakening

After some extensive testing, we are finalizing the rules for the Fallout mode in Ark:Awakening. And – it is awesome – some of us love it even more than the normal “Awakening” mode.

Skip down to see what we love about this mode.

To those that have not followed the Kickstarter campaign, Fallout mode is an alternative competitive mode. Instead of winning by achieving the secret mission, players compete for VPs.  You get VPs by being the first or second to accomplish achievements. There are 6 double sided cars with achievements and you play each game randomly choosing 3 on easy and 3 on hard. 

After half the achievements are met, 4 Room-Activated cards are revealed. Again, players get more VPs by being the first and second player to activate the rooms.


After half the Room-Activated cards are activated, 2 mission cards are revealed (1 mission card for 2 players).

Players get more VPs by being the first and second player to activate each of the rooms on the mission cards, but double their VPs if they manage to activate all 3.

This is the fallout counter. At the game start a marker is placed at 6 green (4 green for 2 players).

When the marker is on the green places, there are peaceful times between factions. Combat is not possible and units can occupy the same rooms as opposing factions. But, every turn when a combat phase should happen, but does not, the fallout marker moves to the right. After 1 green, it moves to 6 red (4 red for 2 players).

When the marker is on the red places, there is fallout/open war between factions. After each turn, if there is a combat phase the marker goes right, and if there is not, the marker goes left.

Design not final

What we love about Fallout mode?

  • The achievements are small wins. Even if you do not win the game, you feel that you managed to put up a fight.
  • You spend more time following what other players are doing, as every achievement is locked after 2 players fulfill it.
  • You do not feel robbed when one player accomplishes an achievement first … you still have a chance to be second and get 7 VPs instead of 10 VPs for first place.
  • Pushing slightly the fallout marker towards peace or towards war and benefiting from it. Holding an artifact card that can push the fallout marker and smirking about it.