Gamefound Pledge Manager is Open

Hi to all,

Happy Easter and if you are orthodox may you win the egg cracking battle this week.

I am happy to announce that the pledge manager (Gamefound) is open. 
If you are a backer, you can expect an invitation email in your inbox within the next 7 days. Please be patient as we are sending welcome emails first to a handful of backers to smoke test that everything is fine. If within 7 days you do not get your welcome email, then please check your trash or spam folder and if email is still not there, write at
If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, the pledge manager is also open to late pledges.
What can you do in the pledge manager?
  • In the pledge manager you will be able to see the amount you pledged (credits) and set your shipping address.
  • If you pledged above the min pledge level, you can specify what the extra funds are for – for example you can select add-ons.
  • You can also increase your pledge and select new add-ons and add more copies of the game.
  • You can specify a language for the language pack add-on.
  • You CAN change your pledge level from standard to premium, but you CANNOT use the early bird discount. We wanted the Premium to be the same price for both early and late backers. You can find more info in the Kickstarter FAQ.
  • Non-backers can late pledge for the game, but would not benefit from the same Kickstarter discount.
Important things:
  • During checkout you need to select your country and shipping will be charged based on your selection. If your country is not in the list, please write to and we will add it.
  • The pledge manager will be open for the next 4 weeks. Please complete it before that! After 4 weeks, if we have inventory, we still might offer the game at normal price without a Kickstarter discount.
  • We will not validate shipping addresses, so make sure you enter your valid one. Phone number is preferred by some delivery couriers, so we recommend you enter it.
  • You can update/change your address up until we are ready to ship. If you end up moving from your current shipping address, you can edit the order and update your shipping address right up until the game is ready to ship. We will sent a reminder email before locking the addresses.
  • With all unlocked stretch goals plus packaging materials, the standard box weighs around 2.35 kg (5 lb) and the premium box weighs around 3,15 kg (7 lb). With these numbers, for some countries we pass a weight threshold where there is no fee difference between shipping 1 or 2 units – in case you are considering ordering multiple copies. If you want to order more units that weight more than 20 kg, write to our email so we can update the shipping costs for a larger order.
  • In case you have a problem with your credit card we also support payments with Paypal or Payoneer. Write to
Detailed Instructions – for backers that have not used a pledge manager before

1. You will get a welcome email. Click START HERE.The link will take you to our pledge manager (Gamefound). For security reasons do not share your email or link. 

2. At Gamefound create an account or log in if you already have one.

3. Next page shows that you are a backer and your pledged amount (unspent credits) in euros.. 

4. You can also go to this page if you click on Settings → Backed projects → Ark: Awakening.

5. Select items to be added to the cart. When you are done, checkout.

6. At checkout overview your added items and enter your shipping address. Shipping fee is calculated based on your country. We will not validate shipping addresses, so make sure you enter your valid one.

7. Select payment method and Submit Order. In case you have a problem with your credit card we also support payments with Paypal or Payoneer. Write to
8. After submitting order and payment, you get a message and an email confirmation.


9. You will be able to access your account and update/change your shipping address until we are ready to ship the game in October/November. To change your shipping address, go to Settings → Backed projects → Ark: Awakening → View Orders → select the order → View Order → Change Shipping.