Guardians - Solo and Co-Op Mode

In addition to a competitive play, Ark: Awakening can be played solo or co-op against a player or an automated opponent.

Presenting “The Guardians” – a solo and co-op mode with adjustable difficulty.


Due to your meddling in the Ark’s systems, a defensive measure was activated – the Guardians. Now these scary looking red meeples are traversing the rooms, attacking anything alien and disintegrating any cube or cylinder you have worked so hard to place.

Game Mechanics. Each turn the Guardians counter will go down. Counter reaches zero, players lose. Players accomplish their common mission, players win. For increased difficulty add more guardians.

In solo play and co-op against an automated opponent, a die is rolled for the direction of the movement – so you do not know where the Guardians will move. In Co-op mode with a dark player, the die determines the direction of movement, but the dark player determines which Guardian to move into that direction.

Strategy. The Guardians are very hard to kill, but they are slow – each turn they will move once into an adjacent room or potentially stay in place.

So, you need to invest in military and artifacts for explosive power. Mobility and versatility of routing power also, as you need to avoid the Guardians more often than fight. Also invest in engineering and unit-engineers so you can activate a room fast and get out of there before they arrive.

WAIT! So your strategy is to invest in everything? Yup! Guardians are tough. I lost my first game against 3 Guardians and I am the game’s designer.