7 Basic Actions Ark: Awakening

7 Basic Actions in Ark:Awakening Ark: Awakening is a action selection game. Players take turns clockwise performing one action out of 7 basic actions: move, integrate, route power, exploit, awake new units, militarize or research). Players will do much more thematic actions - like hack the main power generator, upgrade...

Introducing the Factions

Introducing the Factions In Ark: Awakening playing on the B-side of your player board gives you unique abilities. Comments Recent Posts Archives

Custom Meeples

Custom Meeples We are so excited how the meeples prototype look like. Ready to play Ark: Awakening :) Credits MeepleStudio.com Comments Recent Posts Archives

Guardians – Solo and CoOp Mode

Guardians - Solo and Co-Op Mode In addition to a competitive play, Ark: Awakening can be played solo or co-op against a player or an automated opponent. Presenting "The Guardians" - a solo and co-op mode with adjustable difficulty.   Due to your meddling in the Ark's systems, a defensive...

Graphic Design: The Secret Color

Graphic Design: The Secret Color In Ark: Awakening there are a lot of different rooms that you explore, and we have different art for all those rooms. So, this presented a challenge. See the image on the right. What can you notice? It looks confusing! All the rooms next to...