Game Design: Winner Rewards

This week on Kickstarter, two big projects launched: Return to Dark Tower and Oath. Return to Dark Tower is doing much better, but Oath has one concept that I really love.

In Oath, if you win the game, the next game starts with you as king (Chancellor) and with the cards that helped you win. So, when you win, you receive a REAL rewards –  bragging rights and an advantage to win next game. How would the winner think – “I won last game! And next time we play, I will remember it, I will want to actually play next game sooner, because I can remind people that I won. Also I can start the game with me in charge and with cards that would give me advantage to win again.”

So, unlike classic most-VPs-winner euro games that end with a congratulation and a cold handshake, this game ends with a tangible REWARD. I hope more games do the same.