Room Activation – Ark: Awakening

Room Activation - Ark: Awakening this Tabletopia sourced video we show how a room is activated and what are the chain-benefit received as a result. You can see other how to play videos on our channel. Comments Recent Posts Archives

Your missions Ark: Awakening

Your missions In Ark: Awakening each player has its own secret mission to complete and till the very end nobody could sense who is about to win. Check some of the secret missions. Comments Recent Posts Archives

Game Design: Winner Rewards

Game Design: Winner Rewards This week on Kickstarter, two big projects launched: Return to Dark Tower and Oath. Return to Dark Tower is doing much better, but Oath has one concept that I really love. In Oath, if you win the game, the next game starts with you as king...

Using Launch Bay – Ark: Awakening

Using Launch Bay - Ark: Awakening this Tabletopia sourced video we are seeing a scenario where RedPlayer uses the Launch Bay room to flank GreenPlayer and steal resources.In Ark: Awakening each tile represents a module with a different function - for example the Communication Array, the Observatory, Robotics and...